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NYC Normal for Now

September 9, 2011 – School in NYC has started.  The kids are happy with their class assignments, and I’m happy they’re at school.  Our apartment remains unfurnished and unrented, which means we sleep on air mattresses on the floor and eat our meals out of reused Chinese delivery containers.  It dawned on me how bizarre this is when I tried to make tuna fish sandwiches for lunch, but realized I had no can opener.  Urgh.  No other utensils or tools for getting the stuff out either.  In the past I’d used a hammer claw to pry open a can, but today I had nothing only a plastic fork.  School lunch for them, again.  Will they ever forgive me?

We met with the principal today to discuss our options for school.  She was surprisingly supportive, especially since our plans allow for us to stay through her key funding date – October 31.  She also mentioned that having a middle school safety as good as Wagner was a reassurance.  Fine by me, but we’ll still look into Upper Lab and maybe East Side Middle.

As far as the boy is concerned, he may miss the predictive assessments that are given in April.  This will only hinder his progress in that they will not be able to tailor his 4th grade test preparation toward his individual weaknesses.  Oh well.  Some days I think it would not be the worst thing if he were to repeat 3rd grade to be the oldest rather than the youngest.  As it is now, he’ll start his senior year at 16.   Good luck making that happen, however.

The moms at school are pretty funny.  They keep questioning if and when we’re leaving.  Every once in awhile they throw in a comment like, “You really look like you’re still on the boat”.  Admittedly my wardrobe is strictly summer casual.  All my clothes are in storage.  I keep washing the same 2 pairs of shorts and underpants to get me through the week.  Never mind that a woman like me should not be wearing shorts in public in the first place.  Ah well, I’m taking some liberties.  No shame.


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