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How (not) to Rent Your Co-Op Apartment

July 10 – Our fantastic apartment is still vacant.  Hard to believe that in the spring we rented it for $5k per month and now get no activity since 6/15.  A lot of it has to do with the fact that the broker switched firms.  She was waiting for a new exclusive, which EJ couldn’t sign until he finished sailing from BVI on 5/25.  It’s really cutting into our cruising budget since we had planned to offset all the expenses with a tenant.  It also is , ruining our mood.  Hard to relax, impossible to indulge, knowing we’re spending $4k per month on NOTHING.

July 15- OH GLORY DAY!  We’ve gotten a call from our broker saying a couple from Italy in town for 4 months want our apartment furnished as is.  They move in day after tomorrow.

July 16 – The wife hated it.  She found a tissue on the chair and some dirt under the rug.  In Italian she raged at the husband and the broker.  Back on the market.

August 18 – We have a tenant.  After some finagling we agreed to a 2-year lease at the paltry sum of $3800.  They move in September 1 and want everything out of the apartment.  We’ll lose a little bit of money each month, but over the whole life of the lease it doesn’t add up to another month vacant, so we’re ready.  I’m mixed with elation and panic.  We go…what the heck are we thinking?!

August 23 – We spent our weekend in NYC moving out of our apartment.  Seriously, we drove home on Saturday and by Monday night had rented a truck and moved all our furniture into storage.  We managed to sell a lot of furniture.  Things we’ve had for 10 years like the kids desk went for at least 1/2 their purchase price.  Sure beats having to move it all.

It was great to be back in New Bedford on Clint’s mooring with Bryan and Jdreck.  Those guys are great.  They’re all retired firemen, and Jdreck was actually mayor at one point, and now they do boat rescues.  Anyway, they treat us really nicely.

August 28 – One Hurricane Irene later… Thank goodness we did not leave all our moving for the last minute.  We spent the weekend hunkered down at Scott and Renee’s in CT waiting for the hurricane to pass.  Now we’re back in the city trying to finish the packing.  EJ kept saying “The last 20% takes 80% of the effort.”

Didn’t think that was possible, yet we’ve been struggling for days.  The best idea we had was to let the kids take their books and toys to the park to sell them.  They each made a few bucks, got rid of old stuff, and enjoyed the sunshine a bit.  Ahh the proverbial calm after the storm.  What?

August 31 – Empty at last!  I threw out sooo much stuff.  Cannot believe the kitchen supplies we just ditched.  Fortunately, every once in awhile I’d catch someone rummaging through the trash outside and taking home a few of my formerly prized possessions.  We went out to celebrate.

September 1 – What is that saying about not counting chickens.


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