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Notes on Colombia, SA  Nov 2012

Here at the docks in Santa Marta we haven’t done much except play Mine Craft on the Ipad with our friends, or play baseball. Right now, I’m here to tell you about my Mine Craft world.  Just kidding!  I’m going to tell you somethings that we’ve done since we got here on October 19.

We went to a really nice waterfall called Pozo Azul, which sounds like Aguave Azul – a really great Mexican restaurant here that we go to for lunch sometimes.    Anyway, let’s get back to what I was talking about…What I went to.

A few other things were Medellin for a week.  The first two nights we stayed at the Intercontinental, which was fancy.  Gigi wrote about that.

Before then, we’d gone to Rodadero, a neighboring beach town.

Let’s get back to talking about what we did here in Santa Marta.  We did a beach cleanup all organized by my Mom, who you obviously know.  We did the beach cleanup on one beach one day, and the next day on another.  DSC00345The first day we cleared two large dumpsters worth of stuff (garbage).  On the second day we got less stuff because nowhere near as many people came.  We think that some people may have gone to the beach the day before and then believed they didn’t have to do it again.

For Thanksgiving we had 3 turkeys and a big fat pot luck.  In the big fat pot luck we had a huge pot luck.  My favorite dish was the bread because I could eat so much of it and I didn’t get in trouble, and it was really good.  We had about 20 dishes including cranberry sauce, stuffing, mashed potatoes and all kinds of things.  There was really tons.

Yesterday there was a regatta, no it was not for thanksgiving like you probably thought.  It was just for fun.  There were 18 boats.  We got 3 prizes but that was too much so we declined the third.  The best prize that we, well I, got was a floating radio.  The best thing is that it burps!  Not really, it just spits water out of the speaker.  On the package it shows a picture of it shooting water out.  Chaotic Harmony, our friends from Australia, got first prize.  That was a round-trip flight to anywhere in South America or Miami on the airline LAN.

Well, I’m back to fun and games…on the ipad mostly.

Howdy from Medellin

Hey dudes, check this out!

Hey dudes, check this out!

Puerto Rico Sept 2012

Photo book of Jason’s and Seth’s summer together

One day in Puerto Rico – Mayaguez Zoo
One day at sunrise, we went to the Mayaguez Zoo. At the zoo we saw lots of animals, none of which were from the Arctic. They were from the tropics. The biggest animals were the elephant and the giraffes. My favorite animal was the tiger hiding in a special location inside his cave. He came out to say hi in the brightness of midday.
We walked over to the butterfly garden, which was open daily from 8 to 4, but since it was almost twilight it was closed. We looked out at the horizon, and saw a big black rain cloud. Everybody in our family began running to the exit to get to the car before it started raining.
As we drove to our hotel, the clouds disappeared and we saw a big red sunset. We stopped in an Italian restaurant for pizza. By the time we finished and returned to the car, in was nightfall. We parked the car in the moonlit parking lot by the hotel, and we hid the dog in a big ikea bag and snuck the her into our room.

July 24, 2012
We’ve been in Puerto Rico since May. Puerto Rico is very awesome, especially San Juan. Today we are in Humacao. We had a short bike ride with Seth because Gigi and I just bought bikes, actually yesterday. You may ask, who is Seth? Seth is my best friend in PR. I met him when I got back from the visit to NYC in June.

Old Sn Juan there are lots of things you can do. There are two forts. We went to one of them called El Morro. El Morro is pretty awesome because of everything they have, including 6 floors of battle stations. If you walk down the path to the entrance, you are on floor five. We went up to the top and then down to four. On the top I saw the whole path about 1/4 mile long. There are fields on either side. The side that the wind comes from is where all the kite flyers are. There a all kinds of kites that fly high, ones that fly low and trick kites that make short flights.

Inside the fort I saw lots of guns. When I say guns, I mean cannons. They have lots of them. I learned there are two ways to prevent enemies from using your cannon. You can blow it up by filling it with 5 pouches of gunpowder and as many cannonballs as you can. Make a long enough fuse for you to run far enough away. Light the fuse and start running. Your canon will blow up as soon as the fuse burns to the gunpowder. The other way is to just hammer a metal peg into the fuse hole.

We also saw a former prison in Old San Juan. The prison was also a torture chamber. A Bryan nice guard named Edwin gave us a tour. I saw one of the torture chamber swhich was 5 feet by ten feet, and they jammed 25 prisoners into it. There was one guard who was stabbed by an escapee using an ice pick. He died sadly, but his ghost still roams the jail. The guard Edwin told us. Then when we were in the men’s room the water turned on by itself and we all got freaked out.

Archive Nov 2011 through May 2012

Nov 2011

today i lost my tooth. i was eating bagel and it left for a vacation. by the way, I lost my 2nd tooth eating a chicken nugget.

i have nothing to do i still have nothing to do.

Hey world people. A few weeks ago I went ziplinig at this place lotterie farm here on st. MAarten. I got here on st Maarten a few weeks ago. Let me tell you how I got here. Our boats name is sinan. My parents were sailing down here from NYC. They were on the way to Bermuda when a part of the boom broke ( on the boat). They had to change course and head to norfolk va.

My grandma was born in Norfolk, but she lives in fl now. That’s where we were when my parents we in va. We were in fl. We flew down to fl on a plane th at took 2 .5 hours and we stayed there for a month or so. When my parents were supposed to be in st Maarten, we flew there on another flight that took 2.5 hours. When we were in st Maarten, I realized there were tons of palm trees, more than any other trees. Not all these trees have coconuts. About 25% chance that there’ll be coconuts on the palm tree. Let me tell you about the coconut story in the next entry…

Sailing lessons
In the first entry I mentioned we have Sailboat. Yeah, yeah, I did. Well here are some more facts about our boat. It is 43 feet and I to a sailboat. One of those boats with a sail, you know maybe you’ve heard of them. This is a Jeanneau. I bet you haven’t heard of it.
Last week it was my birthday. Why did I call this sailing lessons? It should’ve been called our sailboat info. I’ll tell you about my sailing lessons right here in my next entry. Stay here and look for it.

Actual Sailing lessons
Well, we didn’t sail on a43 foot boat in the lessons. They were about 7 foot Opti’s.

Now we are in st. Bartholomew…in which case, last time I updated, we were in st. Maarten. A few days ago we got here and my dad dealt with customs while we were on the boat with the yellow quarantine flag flying. Let me explain you a little about HOW large the mega yachts are here. One is about 500 feet long, and has a helicopter pad on top. Another one has a few powerboats in the stern (back) and it has another speed boat on the stern.

St Bart used to be run by the Swedish government, now it’s ruled by France. Most people speak French and we have to pay for everything in euros (euro is the European dollar and equal to 1.40).

Our boat was anchored near two jumbo boulders. When my dad was back from customs, we put up the French courtesy flag. We went swimming for a little bit and the water is extremely salty. It was 40 feet deep and we could still see the bottom. That’s how clear the water is.

After our swim, we dinghied into shore. On o ur way we saw a huge turtle swimming at the top of the wider. We thought at first it was a carpet floating, but we realized it was a turtle when it dove under water.

Now w colombier Gigi and Mom swam to shore and Dad and I rode the dinghy.

I’m notin st Bart’s Nymore,but I am still in the Caribbean. We took an overnight (, which means sailing through the night) to Guadeloupe . how did we get thee through the might. We used watches where every person is assigned a certain amount of time to look out for boats Nd then anothe r person comes on watch and you get to sleep because nobody can stay up all night. My watches we’re midnight to 2 am and 4 and tried to do 2 hours. I got the best shifts because I saw the sunset, moonrise and sun rise. It was a full moon. So, I got the best shifts.

When we got to Guadeloupe there were two flying fish on the deck. I Picked them up and put them in a cereal bag for later to use as bait. My dad went ashore to do customs. The customs people didn’t get it right, and he had to go ashore twice before the rest of us could go ashore, we are anchored in bases terr, the capital.

Did you know there is a volcano here? We were going to hike it but it I s a 3 hour hike. Instead we went up the mountain as far as we could go(which want all the wy) and went to the volcano museum. Sadly, it was closed for their lunch break. 12:30-2:30 . 2 hours?! Cmon.

We drove back down the hill and eventually got to a pharmacy where we flagged down a police car that showed us how to get up to the museum.

We got some water and drank a lot because we hadn’t filled the water bottles before the hike.
Just quickly, we hiked the volcano, left Guadeloupe and spent 10 days in Martinique. I am now speaking French a lot. Oui Oui at least 5 phrases!

St Lucia
February 17
Two days ago I lost my tooth. We’ d just arrived here in Rodney at lucia. Today, Saturday we are going to th e sulphur springs and drive in volcano. Sulphur is a gas that comes out of a volcano and smells like rotten eggs. By t he way, I smelled sulphur when we did the hike up suffriere volcano in guadeloupe.

Yesterday we went to the fish festival that is every Friday in anse la Ray. We met u p with our friends Raftan and Moana, two other sailboats with kids. We had a nice time partying until 8:30. Last night the food was quite good, especially the bread cakes. They grilled the fish in foil.

Brooke, our dog, stayed under the table. She found some friends, that we found at the beginning of our visit. There were so many different dogs, seemed like 100 with little puppies. Some had bloody ears from fighting with other dogs to see whom was the best.

Btw let me talk to you about where we’re going and what were doing today. We’re going around looking for the springs. I don’t always think we’re going to make it. It feels like we’re going to drive off into a ditch and be gone for good.

Let me tell you 5 facts about St. Lucia:
1. They have a fish festival every Friday in Anse la Raye that I went to once.
2. Today one of the princes of England came to celebrate with his wife here in st Lucia’s independence day. It’s the 33rd anniversary of separation from England .
3. There are two pitons. The piton is a mountain that has a very pointed top. It’s rare to find two pitons together in one island.
4. The pitons aren’t the tallest mountains. The tallest mountain is mount Gimme, which is 979 meters. That is taller than st Pierre in Martinique.
5. The roads that we drove are wobbly and very bumpy. In fact, there is only one main road around the whole island. It is curvy and steep in some places and has been washed away by rain in some places.

So in the Casstries we found a museum called “our planet”. It was really cool, let me tell you it had supercool technology. ( interactive floors, I interactive globe, etc.). Another cool piece of electronics were the hurricane game, electronics game, NASA globe, etc.

My favorite room was the hurricane game room downstairs. The objetive pf the game is to see what happens with a h urricane and prepare yourself for it. You choose the temperature of water which has to be at least 26.5 celsius (78). You choose the humidity, the direction of wind on the water, in the air, and the latitude of the storm.








March 26, 2012 – Saint Vincent, the last island we were in is pretty awesome. We were there 3 weeks. Kingstown there are jumbo fruit stands. One is a street stand with people who likes all kinds of fruit. The other major fruit stand is in this 4-story building. It has fruit on the first floor, some fruit and clothing on the second floor, mostly clothing on the third floor, we didn’t go to the fourth floor.

The buses there were aka dollar vans, go pretty fast when their brakes go out. They close the door 5-10 feet after they start moving. So, that was pretty cool, also the part where we almost fall out the window as they go around the sharp turns. The place we stayed Blue Lagoon had an all-natural reef that protected the cove. At the dock there, I skyped my class in school. They all missed me a lot.

The scenery is pretty cool. Sometimes I can predict the weather, but sometimes I can’t because I say it’s going to rain but then sometimes it doesn’t it blows off. But sometimes I am right. We almost took a dollar van every day into Kingstown to buys omething or other. A few days after we got there we realized our seat (not back) cushions were tearing so we had Shim sew us a new cover for them that’s really beautiful, blue with white flowers. Shim’s friend Camuel was very nice. He drove us all the way up to the north side of the island from the south tip. At the north end, they have a salt pond, OIAIA that is completely protected from the ocean by reefs and rocks. The whole pond is only about 2-3 feet deep. At the beginning, it is all rocky and if you have flippers, you shouldn’t wear them. If you put them on too early you have to lay down on your stomach and push yourself out with your flippers through the small canals that lead water through jumbo rock brigades. If you find one of those rock brigades, you have to steer you way around them, sometimes by kicking or pushing iwth your hands. There are huge surges that are caused by jumbo waves crashing over the rock walls surrounding the pool.


Also on our our trip back we went to Georgetown and Orange Hill where there was a farm which was supposed to be a museum according to our guide book, but it wasn’t. They may open it in a few years. Instead of looking at the museum they were supposed to have we got some oatmeal stuff called Farina from the factory. It was delicious. The lady had a hot press machine that sealed the bags. After that Camuel drove us almost all the way back, and we stopped at Belmont Lookout which is really windy. We made airplanes out of dried leaves and flew them out over the cliff, but they blew back the other way. I flew one all the way across the street over all the power lines.

After march 20:

Well, from st Vincent to Dominica was the last trip we did. It takes abou t 25 hours. How do you think you do it? You cou ld go from 5am to 5am but I don’t think I want to do that. So we left midday and got there midday. It took 24 hours I wouldn’t you say? If Yuit takes 24 hours you user ther the same time you left, so you must leave according to the time you. Want to arrive. For example, you leave at 5 am and get there 5 am which is good time to arrive because you want to be at sea at night and on the I stands du ring the day.

When we got to Dominica we met up with friends from St. Lucia. Their boat is called Rebel Razor with 2 girls . Sky is 12 and Sail is 15. I do don’t mind their ages. So we j use played around. We went withSky to this swimming hole, on our last day. When we got there the Katy where you are w up posed to jump we all dried up. Only 1 foot. We turned back. We found th is littl brook,no, not Brooke le Chen, French for dog. We went and up t our feet in the cool water, we all cooled off for a while, then we kept walking.

On the way back, we found a little ice cream parlor with soda dn everything. The girls had pink cones and I had a wh ite one, sky had coconut so she had white ice cream with a oink cone. I had strawberry so it was pink ice cream with a white cone.

May 8
Now far away from Dominica, off the coast of puerto Rico on an island called Culebrita We went ashore for a small hike, gigi got a new snorkel set of fins and mask and she tried out. I took some snorkel dives with my mask and fins. I can swim very fast in my fins. I got a little cold and got out.

Culebrita is indelible. And also uninhibited, except habited by goats. There was aheard of 20 goats that went by in the morning. Very strange goabts black brown white pink and rainbow. I was kidding about the rainbow and pink goats, but they we strange anyway.

The other night we did a turtle watch. I stayed up until 1 am, and then fell asleep and woke up again at 2. By the way, we were on Zoni beach. Weird name. We were staying up all night looking for turtles. Let me explain the walks, the camp and the guide. The camp does not have a fire or anything, it is in the middle of the beach where everyone puts their stuff down. It was even so that if you walked down one side or the other it would be even, but it looked like one side was longer.

A walk was a walk all the way down to the end of the beach and back. It takes about 10 minutes to do the walk. I did the first walk well the second after the guide did the first by herself. We were looking for big leatherback turtles who were nesting on that beach. Our dog Brooke couldn’t go with us because she would have scared off the turtles.

We stayed on the beach until 5 am but never ever ever saw a turtle. There were 5 or 6 nests already there and the mother was supposed to come back but she didn’t. We went back to the boat at 5 am and slept until 10o am and then watched 2 James bond movies.

This was on the island of culebra. There was this restaurant named mamacitas. We went there 2 days in a row. I had the same thing. Guess what it was. A ham ham ham hamburger. It was so yummy with plantain fries. You may think it is fast food like Wendy’s but,it isn’t. It’s a full wait-to/be-served restaurant. The dock was right on the canal running through culebra. There were tons of iguana and tarpon. Dududun. Tarpon are huge! I don’t think they are edible.

After that we went to Culebrita, which I already told you about. Now we are in Vieques. On our passage over I was one inch away from getting $70 and a fish.


What happened was I was fishing with a trolling line and my mom promised me $70 if I caught an edible fish. She even signed a contact. Anyway when I was reeling it in, because we were approaching this anchorage, it was supposed to float on the surface. It went under for a second and that is when I guess the fish attacked. It bit off the whole tail of my brand new lure fresh out of the package. The fish’s mouth missed the hook by one inch or less which is why I missed $70 by an inch.

I didn’t see the fish, but I’m guessing it was edible and I a sure it was humungo. I mean really, it took a huge bite.








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  1. creativegrammy / Feb 7 2012 12:21 am

    Hi Jason…I liked your blog very much. You are an excellent writer. It sounds like things are going fine and I know you like volcanos. I miss you and I know you miss your soccer buddies. I hope you get a skateboard someday although it is dangerous I know you are not afraid to try it because you are a daredevil. I did not know turtles swim near the surface. Will they bite? Be sure to take water with you when you hike.Love, Grammy

  2. Alex / Feb 7 2012 10:38 pm

    Jason,this is Alex. Your blog is very interesting and I like it a lot. We started going to the 92nd Street Y every tuesday to play basketball. I hope to see you soon! Bye!

  3. Liza D. / Mar 13 2012 9:41 pm

    Wonderful blog, Jason. Your writing is excellent. I left a long message on Gigi’s blog, and it’s meant for you, too. Hope to see you and your family again soon. Enjoy your fabulous adventure at sea!



  4. creativegrammy / May 6 2012 6:29 pm

    Hi Jason…It is Grammy. Your writing is so informative. I learned a lot. Sometimes I felt like I was there with you. I bet the ice cream was good. I know you miss playing ball with the boys from school. When I opened the closet I saw the remote control truck I boughtr you. I took one back and got a new one. I guess mom is putting suntan lotion on you all the time. I bet it is hot.Love rammy

  5. Marie Genteale / May 30 2012 7:17 pm

    Hi Jason,
    I am happy that I found out about your blog. Your adventures sound Nike fun. Your writing is really interesting. Have a good trip home.

  6. Marie Genteale / Dec 9 2012 12:48 am

    Hi Jason,
    I continue to read your blog. Thank you for sharing.


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