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Hi folks,

Our family has almost completed our journey to Medellin, Colombia. It has been quite an action-packed week. Last Saturday, we left the comforts of Sinan, in Santa Marta, to go to another large city in Colombia called Medellin. We got to Medellin around 11:30 pm on Saturday so our trip really started on Sunday.

Sunday morning, we exited the Intercontinental hotel dining room after an amazing breakfast of eggs, toast, fruit, and Belgian waffles; we set out for the Metro and ultimately, Arvi park. First we took a taxi to the metro station. The Metro is the methods of transportation around the surprisingly large city. The metro includes the train (main method) and the cable car. We took the train to San Javier and transferred to the cable car.

The view was astonishing. The city is ginormous but the valley it is built in is bigger. There seemed to be regions of Medellin. There was the part with the skyscrapers, the clay-and-brick houses, and much more. The ride didn’t last very long but we got to an altitude of 2,000 feet above sea level.

Arvi wasn’t very large. It  had a little market, a tourist info area, a bunch of rocks that were meant for climbing, and the trails. I was glad to have mom around considering she spoke fluent Spanish. We decided to go on a 1 mile hike through the woods. Our guide liked to talk a lot. I wouldn’t have minded if I understood what he was saying. Since I couldn’t, it got on my nerves a bit.

Intercontinental pool. super luxurious!!

Intercontinental pool. super luxurious!!

On day 2, we chilled at the pool and changed hotels. The third day  was next day that we did any sight-seeing. We took the metro the station called Parque Barrio. A few blocks away, there was Botero Plaza. There were about 20 giant statues of fat people, fat animals, and a few of hands and heads. All the statues were made of bronze. After that, we took a taxi to Parque Explora and spent lots of timein the interactive halls. It was so much fun and I had a great time. Later we went to see the new James Bond movie called Skyfall. It was awesome.

On the fourth day, we hired a taxi for the whole day. We went to see a giant rock and a village called Guatape (gwa-ta-pay-). The rock was called El Penol. There were around 700 steps to the top. It was definitely worth the challenging climb. In Guatape we had a fabulous lunch of soup, coleslaw, chicken, rice, and plantain. When we got home, we had dinner at a Mexican restaurant and then went to see the movie Taken 2.

Day 5 was awesome. We went to this annual festival called Buen Comienzo. Climbed the rock wall, jumped on a skyjump and even went on this awesome ride where you went upside down.  After we left, we went to this park that was called Barefoot Park. There were 4 pools of water to soak your feet in. The park was quite relaxing.

On day 6, we toured this old-fashioned village and packed our bags. Lastly, on day 7, we flew back to Santa Marta and settled down back aboard Sinan.

Dad, Cliff, Jason, and I SCUBA diving with Jason , Cliffy and  Dad in October.

Note – material removed.

We are now in st vincent. We are at a marina in blue lagoon, young island. Today we took the “bus” ( they are vans that they pack until you are utterly sqashed. You pay about 2 ec, which is the currency here, or 75 cents a person. ) to the botanical gardens where we had 1hr 30 min private tour. After that we hitched a ride to Fort Charlotte. We spent about an hr there. Then we walked down to the bus stop and got a bus back to Kingstown. From there, we took another bus ride home.
This is Gigi signing off for now,
Gįgì hœdēß

Hey sup?
Today I went for my first open water scuba dive! It was so special and fun because it was just me and dad (the instructor was there too). The deepest point was 41 feet down. We saw soo many fish and some eels too! When I was breathing with my regulator (mouthpiece ), I sounded like Darth Vader. When I looked up, it was cool because I could see the sun reflecting on the surface

Our teachers’ name was Larry. He was so nice and encouraging.
I had such a great time today !!!

We leave Bequia tomorrow and it is off to Canuoan. We will then reattach to tlb ( three little birds)

That’s the update 4 now.

Hey people. 2/14/12
So I am now in Rodney Bay, St. Lucia
We got here yesterday. We left from St. Anne, Martinique . The journey here was 20 miles long (4hours). It was pretty rocky but we made it!!!!

We r still with RAFTAN. They found some English-speaking ( thank goodness I am so sick of French ) Danish kids and we all hung out at 6:30ish last night. Today we plan to hang with them at the beach around 2pm.

The Danish people have 3 kids. 2boys , 8&12, and a girl (finally a girl!!!!) ,11. her name is Frieda.

Miss u all @ home so much.!
Please comment!

Sorry I haven’t been writing. I’ve just been busy. Anyway today I met a girl named Sophie. She flew here from switzerland and chartered (rented) a boat. She is sooo nice and interesting.

Also I met a girl named Tiger. She is 11 and has lived on her boat for all her life.

We left st Maarten and went to st Bart’s and we are now in Guadeloupe

Yesterday I hiked to the top of a volcano. It was amazing!!!!

Y this is not a vacation:
I do school
It includes work
It is stressful
We r learning French
I have read 15+ books with 200+ page



I did some charity work last week. Wanna hear about it?did I hear a yes? So Soc the DJ@ the radio station hooked us up with this toy drive sponsored by Dominos pizza.
We helped distribute the toys to underprivileged was so fun



What up?????)
Above is a picture of…

If u r reading this please leave a comment

Yesterday I went to a radio station studio. Read the post about it to see more.the radio station post

Hi again,
We r in st martin now. We have lots of activities during the week as well as school work. On Saturdays and wednesdays we have horseback riding lessons. We had a sailing lesson last Monday and we r having one on Friday. Btw Friday is jason’s birthday. Sorry I have not been writing. Its just been hard to.

Where is the horseback riding is?? Sea Side Nature Park. They have all kinds of things there. They have chickens, goats, rabbits and more. They even have a trampoline!!!! Sadly it was broken when we went there last.
I loved riding the horses. The one I rode was named Princess. I loved her.
At S.S.N.P, when we arrived for our lesson, one of the horses was at the snack bar. It looked like he/she wAs ordering food. It was hilarious and I couldn’t resist taking a picture. So I picked up the iPad and took a few pictures.

Sailing lessons take place at the S.M.Y.C (sint maartin yacht club).
By 4 now,
Gigi 🙂

Hi again!!! 10/30/2011

me, jason and brooke, my dog, are all staying with my grandma. why? you ask, because we are about to leave on a trip my parents dreamed about.i will now tell you about it.

My parents are in the atlantic ocean. they are sailing Sinan down to st marrten so we can start our trip in the carribean as i talked about in other entries. we will be gone for roughly 6 months. my mother will homeschool me and Jason.

anyway, our last day of school is monday, the 31 of october.we still get to go trick-or-treating though 🙂 .on tuesday we leave for florida because that is where we’ll be staying for the next 20 days while mom and dad are in the ocean.we will go to disney world and legoland.!!! so cool.

the downside is that i will really miss my friends and teachers. i am in fifth grade and we alternate classes. i enjoy this very much and will surly miss it. also, i am very friendly with my teachers and former teachers too. so i will miss them too.

got 2 go,

Gigi <;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;3 🙂

What have i done??????????????? 9/7/11

I have had an awesome couple days during the time i didn’t write.


we went back to the boat and returned the car. kinda boring.


we sailed to block island and picked up Martin,a friend of my parents. A.fter Martin got settled in, we went to the beach and did some sirious boogie bording from 4:30-6:30. Then we went back to the boat.




back @ the yaht club in long island.


back in the city.zzz


school starts in 2 days

What to do, what to do??? 8/30/11

yesterday i got myself a job as a mother’s helper/rollerskating teacher for a boy named David.@ 9:30 am today i will teach him. im so excited!!! 🙂

The lesson went great!!! i earned myself 10 buckaroos:)

after the lesson, we went to storage and spent3-4 hrs there working(though i didn’t get money for that though 😦 . when we got hot and tired, mom took us to target to buy school supplies and lunch. it was fun.

tonight im having dinner with Dani*im so excited to see her!!:)

*Danielle”Dani” G a r d e n e r is a friend of mine. We met through our babysitters when we were 6 months old. i could go on and on about her, but for you, the readers’ sake, i won’t

hi my name is Gigi . this is my first entry om my page.

today is Monday. i’m at home in NYC and i’m like ‘ugh why aren’t any of my bffs around??? i wish they were here. then i could hang out with them.’ anyway, this morning, we were selling books because we are moving out of our apartment and onto our 43 foot sail boat called Sinan. we were on her before from june 20th – now. during that time we sailed up to Maine and back. we did a few overnights(sailing all night and during the day) here and there too.

the most memorable one was coming back from Maine. that is because it was a double overnight(sailing for 2 days and 2 nights). we came from Acadia national park and went to Nantucket, an island off the coast of Cape Cod.

On the way up to Maine, it was different. we left from province town, cape cod. our destination was Portland, Maine. on that voyage, i saw a shooting star!!!! it was awesome.

this page and entry was brought to you by ANONYMOUS. Anonymously anonymous..



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  1. Alanna / Nov 5 2012 2:25 am

    Hi gigi. Sorry about not commenting. I have been busy and tired. I got my ears pierced! I hope ur having fun. When will I get to see u again? I hope soon. Long island is terrible from the hurricane and they even cancelled the marathon. My cousin going to run so I’ll miss cheering her on. Miss u. Luv, Alanna

  2. Marie Genteale / Dec 9 2012 12:50 am

    Hi Gigi,
    I enjoyed reading your blog. Sounds like you are doing great things.

  3. Clara / Dec 10 2012 12:27 am

    Hey Gigi!!! Sorry I haven’t been able to comment I have been really busy with school and swimming! We miss u here in New York!!! When will you be back? Did you like Colombia? I love going there! I think it is so much fun there! We all wish you were here!

  4. Elisa / Dec 16 2012 6:29 pm

    I am secretly reading your blog even though i am supposed to be doing homework i am glad your having a good time and u are learning new things everyday. I’m sorry about not reading your blog in such a long time but here it’s pretty acionpacked to, although what i am talking about isn’t necessarily fun. I have a lot of homework so usually my day ends at 9 30 after having dinner and relaxing for a half hour. I am excited to read more about your blog and i am even more excited to hear from you. i miss you so much!!!!!


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