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Reflections on St Vincent Mar 23

As I sit here doing a night watch, it began to weigh on my conscience that I’ve not written enough about St V. It is my favorite island thus far, and to understand my selection I need to reflect on my reasons,

These choices result many times from expectations, Our time in blue lagoon was such a pleasant surprise. The only knowledge we’d had of St V was an anecdote shared by cruisers in st Lucia: their aptops were stolen from within their boat as they were sleeping. All happened within a secure marina. Based on this, EJ and I were convinced it was unsafe. The exact opposite is true.

We never felt threatened, despite the fact that many of the citizens looked like hardened criminals from Harlem replete with the stench of marajuana. the Rastas are actually peaceful people with nothing but good will for others. The ‘boat boys’ and street vendors were certainly interested in our money, but once we answered no thank you, they amiable moved on. No hangdog looks or hard feelings save for one instance with a pair of 13 year old boys. More later.

Perhaps the most irritating aspect of our visit was the fact that Brooke was a celebrity. Everywhere we went anybody who passed us commented on our beautiful dog. She must’ve had her picture taken ten times a day by cell phone toting fans. ” ooh what kinda dog dat?” and “can I have ya dog?” was constantly ringing in our ears. Most people were afraid to touch her though. The practice is to have guard dogs living outside your house “eating whatever garbage you don’t want”, so they all assumed she would bite. Fine with us, keep your distance please!

Speaking of distance, and personal space, on the dollar vans we had none. These hot rod minivans with spraypainted messages like “Rude Boyz” or “Ja Rules” act as the public bus system. Thiis transit system seems thoroughly haphazard, but in fact is regulated and regular. Inside the busses is a notice about fares ($2 EC or 75 cents US to $6 EC by zone), their are 2 a bus stations (just parking lots filled concurrently with,street vendors) — one for windward side and the other for Leward side–an



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