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December 8, 2012 / Nautical Mom

Hooray for Colombian Coffee!

There’s actually a  Juan Valdez Cafe chain, much like Starbucks. Fortunately, they’re everywhere because we’ve needed lots of caffeine to get through our busy schedule this past month.
Riding up to Piedra de Penol

Riding up to Piedra de Penol


175 steps out of 750

175 steps out of 750

We went to Medellin for a week. The city is contained in a valley 5000 feet about sea level completely surrounded by lush green mountains that rise yet another 6000 feet. It is modern and convenient, with many activities geared toward children.   The highlights were the metro, Parque Explora, Parque Botero and Piedra Penol.  The metro is beautifully sleek and has a simple route that runs straight through the middle of town along the major tourist attractions. At two ends there are cable car sections that rise to the top of the mountains, providing glorious views. It’s like being on that old cable-car lift at Killington without the snow.
View from the top

View from the top

Parque Explora is a huge interactive science museum with a 3-d theater and aquarium.  Parque Botero was my favorite place — I felt so svelte.  Botero’s the sculptor who creates fantastically fat, poorly proportioned black figures.  There were at least 25 sculptures in this park.  Piedra Penol is a meteor-like rock an hour outside of Medellin in an area that resembles the Adirondack Lakes. Reaching the top of this rock requires a climb 750 stairs, but the view is totally worth it.
Back in Santa Marta, we had more Aussies at our Thanksgiving feast than Americans.  It was still a completely traditional meal except that it was a pot-luck of about 30 cruisers, 8 children among them. Speaking of the kids, Gigi and Jason have both written a bit as well.   Gigi’s Page  Jason’s Page.
Enjoy our new photos on Photo Album.
PS For those of you concerned about our safety, it has not been an issue at all.  There are machine-gun-carrying police everywhere augmented by everyone’s omnipresent personal security.
PPS 12/9 Jason turns 9 – golden birthday.  stop by his page and say hi.


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  1. tom... / Dec 8 2012 7:55 pm

    You guys are so cool 🙂 , safe travels, tom…

  2. Marie Genteale / Dec 9 2012 12:54 am

    Dear Nautical Mom,
    Thank you for sharing. I love your adventures and your pictures.

  3. Liza / Dec 10 2012 9:14 pm

    Hey Bear, EJ, Gigi, and Jason – Love hearing about your adventures. This part of the trip looked especially beautiful. Glad to hear you’re all well and safe and happy. Hope to see you some day soon : ). xox – Liza

  4. cliff / Dec 10 2012 11:01 pm

    Oh man, I’m soo jealous!!

  5. Cliff / Jan 21 2013 2:50 am

    Whoo Hoooo!! Tell EJ, Jason ‘n Gigi I said hi! And tell
    Anya ‘n Ben I said hello as well! ;o)

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