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November 6, 2011 / Nautical Mom

Brooke’s Puppy Page

Hi everyone, my name (I’m learning) is Brooke. I’m a black, 8-week old Medium Labradoodle. I know this sounds crazy, but until yesterday I was just ‘puppy’ hanging around with my brothers and sisters on a 64-acre farm in Colorado. Wow, have things changed. My person put me in this box and left me. That was scary, but it got much, much worse. The people kept moving my box around and then put me in this room with cats and all kinds of crazy animals. You wouldn’t believe the cacophony these creatures produced, most of all, the kittens mewing endlessly. I didnt hear it for long though. A great big vacuum cleaner groaned all around us. My crate was shaking, I was shaking, and the whole world became this fierce vrooom sound that just kept getting louder. Then, I don’t know why, but my tummy felt funny. It dropped out of my body. I looked down expecting to see in on the mat, but it was still connected and had popped back into place. Before I could even think about what was going on, all of a sudden, I couldn’t hear. My ears started aching. I tried rubbing them with my front paws but that was not helping. Feeling totally overwhelmed, I fell asleep. What seemed like days later, the sound of the vacuum changed and my stomach went up in my chest. My ears hurt again. What an awful new experience this is, I thought. We started to bounce. Not the good kind of bounce like when I’m jumping across the grass. The kind of bounce that rattles my bones and jerks my neck.

Next up, a conveyor belt. Not that I really know what that is, but someone said “Put that crate on the conveyor belt,” and off I went. This is all very new and exciting. Do I like it? Will I ever? Wish I could see better but this thing only has small holes. I see legs now. The same set of legs are right there. These terrific looking shoes that I’d love to sink my teeth into. Grrrrr. Where is my chewy toy? I have to pee anyway. Oh lady, please let me out to go to the potty. Hurrrrrry.

Ooops. There’s a warm ooze soaking into the fur on my paws. This is not good! Mommy taught me to keep my place clean. Where is Mommy? Where are my brothers and sisters? How come I have no idea where to go pee?





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  1. Gigi / Nov 11 2011 5:12 pm

    i luv the page, mom!! keep writing and making it deatailed(not that it is not deatailed at the moment)!!

  2. Marion Gropen / Jan 4 2012 10:37 pm

    Very cute to do this from the pup’s perspective. When will we see the next post from him?


    • Nautical Mom / Jan 5 2012 4:33 pm

      Bow wow! Glad you like me. I’m learning to be less nippy and have learned some good tricks. I still get confused when mom says “leave it!” and I have a really special no-no, I’m sure she means for me to jump and run all over the boat with my contraband.

      • Marion Gropen / Jan 5 2012 9:38 pm

        Well, Brooke, I hope you’ve found some very special stuff — and some really good hiding places for it. I know your mom wants you to be happy, so I’m sure she won’t mind. Especially if you take shoes! After all, no one really needs shoes in the tropics, do they?

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